Review of february 2012

            Cycling training sessions 
In spite of icy temperatures of the beginning of the month, we continued our cycling training sessions. Here is what it gave for each of us during the second month of year 2012 :
·         Valentin –255 km for 7 training sessions: « While I had planned to make between 400 and 500 km at the beginning of the month, I finally contented myself with only 255 km because of the pitiful weather (snow, cold) during the first fortnight. So, I was especially able to bike last days of the month: I made then 170 km in 3 cycling outings. As in January, I alternated training sessions by racing bike (3) and by mountain bike (3). In spite of my little trainings, sensations are not bad currently, that is already of very good omen for Danmark Rundt. In March, I hope to maintain this shape before attacking hard trainings from Easter holidays. »
·         Dimitri - 114 km for 3 training sessions: « Laborious: It is like that I can qualify my February’s training, as our first stage on the snow, which was more symbolic than a real training. The second stage in the North-Loire was really bad, I finished with very low sensations and a hard back pain due to the tiredness and the cold spell. It was difficult to accept it but when I saw the performance of Valentin & Charles-Henry 2 weeks after (100 km), I decided to run in spite of the pain. I used a Peugeot 103, an old bike from 80’s. Result: 30 km/h for 45 km, a reason to reassure myself concerning my velocity. Now I need to know my endurance. »
·        Charles-Henry –353km for 6 training sessions: « As expected, I was able to bike more often than in January. The first fortnight of February, I made 154 km in spite of the snow and the cold spell. Then, I put aside the bike during two weeks: the last days before a 10 km running, then next week because I preferred favor the recovery. I finally finished this month by three training sessions, including my first of the year beyond 100 km (111 km). So, with this 350 km, February 2012 becomes the month when I have the most bike since September 2011 (I had made 1044 km for 15 training). The sensations are even better than in January. Even if I am not still at the level of last summer, I feel I have regained a lot of stamina and power on the hilly portions: very encouraging after only some cycling outings of resumption. I hope to continue like that in March. The motivation remains omnipresent. »

            The progress of the project
   - The Facebook page. The main novelty of the month is the full translation in English in order to communicate about with foreign visitors, in particular with Danes. Besides, each of the tabs was improved during the month. Also, the page has recently established a record of daily visits on Monday, February 20th (505 visits).
           - The logistics. All the needs in kind required were listed.
         - The distribution of tasks. Purpose of this division of labor is to aim toward an optimization of the groupwork (saving of time and better efficiency). So, Valentin will be responsible for the sponsoring research and the logistics; Dimitri webmaster, in charge of the logistics and communications manager with Denmark; and Charles-Henry webmaster, coordinator of tasks and creative writer of sponsoring files.
          - The association. The statutes were established and the roles distributed (Valentin president, Dimitri secretary, Charles-Henry treasurer). Its official creation should be in March.
           - The city hall of Carquefou. A letter and a file of presentation were transmitted. We wait for an answer, by hoping that it will be positive.
          This month is very fast spent. We were even behind deadlines. Indeed, all the preliminary works of partnership research were not finalized. We will have to establish the first contacts with companies in March.

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