Review of January 2012

We will gradually increase the number and intensity of training to be at our best form in July. Here is what it gave for each of us during January:
·         Valentin - 283 km for 7 training sessions:  "January was synonymous of cycling resumption. At the beginning of the month, I have planned to make around 400 km. Finally I have only done 283 km by alternating trainings with my racing bike (4 times) and with my mountain bike (3 times). For the moment, sensations are quite average ; but it is normal given that I have started cycling again recently. For February, I plan to increase slightly the pace. I hope cycle between 400 and 500 km. Nevertheless, it will be from April which I hope to rise in power to be at the top at the beginning of July"
·         Dimitri - 202 km for 4 training sessions: "I think that is too little, especially with what waits for us in Denmark. But, I am glad with these 202 km given that I have not ridden since last September. For the moment, the main problem is I haven't bike and use one of Valentin's mountain bike. It obliges me to go cycling only in his presence. I hope I will quickly remedy this problem because it is going to be very binding afterward. Concerning the purely sport aspect, I had very good sensations in spite of a bike which I am not used to using."
·        Charles-Henry - 125 km for 3 training sessions: “I didn’t bike much in January because of a lack of time and championships FFA of cross-country running. Despite of that, my last training session by bike was very encouraging (never in the red, feeling to be able to continue longer, better impression in hills). It dates however of 3 weeks ago. In February, I will able to cycle more. So, I hope to make a weekly training session. But, at 5-6 months of the departure, we cannot really speak about specific preparation. It is rather with the aim of not lose too much during wintry period. Then, with my season of athletics, it is especially on June which I will count particularly to cumulate kilometers by bike. But, if I don't regain my best level in running during April-May, I would make the impasse of the season of track. And I would move forward this date of the beginning of big cycle preparation.”

Definition and formalization of the project have been done:
         - The final route. You can find it in the tab "Tracé/route". It was also posted online on OpenRunner and Google Maps after being presented in a Word file of presentation.
         - The planning of the trip. We specified for each day : locations and types of accommodation, rest days, the way we will take to make journey between France and Denmark by car, cyclist at rest during each stage on line, etc.
   - The budget. We established an inventory of necessary equipment. Then, we performed a detailed financial analysis. It takes into account the cost of living in Denmark, toll fees (bridges, ferries, motorways) and accommodation expenses. The budget amounts for the time at 2700 €, 900 € for each of us for 26 days.
        - The sponsorship file. With this, we will promote our project to potential partners when we begin canvassing.
       - The Facebook page. After its publication on December 30th, we added more tabs to make it more interactive. It will be a tool of communication and promotion of the project. It will be updated regularly with new articles, photos and reports of training cyclists (see tab "Entrainement/training"). In addition, a monthly article will keep you informed of all our actions made last month, and a review of our form of cycling time.
            So, we are now in the next step : the reflection on the necessity to create an association. After, we will begin the partnership research. This will take us probably until the day before we left to Sønderborg.

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